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Welcome to Soma Novo Bodywork, one of Maine’s Newest and Top rated Massage & Spa destinations. Serving the Greater Bangor and Brewer area, Soma Novo is fully staffed with Certified Massage Therapists who have a passion for #selfcare within the community.

Our goal is to provide a relaxing atmosphere while delivering a wide range of wellness services to help clients live a healthy, stress free lifestyle. We have a variety of massage services to choose from, a wonderful and relaxing foot soak room for up to 6 people and a state-of-the-art flotation therapy pod.

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Address: 72 Center Street, Suite 2, Brewer, ME 04412
Phone: 1-207-619-3797

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Benefits Of Float Therapy In Winter

Benefits of Float Therapy in Winter

Retreat from the busy world as you lay in pod of epsom salt water heated to body temperature and float into deep relaxation.

A sensory deprivation tank, also known as isolation tanks or float tanks, provide a unique experience that stimulates relaxation, detoxification and therapeutic benefits.

Here 6 Benefits Of Float Therapy In Winter:

1) Increased immune function and overall wellbeing

Although an improved immune system is related to health benefits associated with floating, such as improved circulation and a better hormonal balance, the primary reason that floatation therapy boosts the immune system is that it allows the body to focus a greater percentage of the body’s energy on building up defenses.

2) Good nights sleep!

Sixty to ninety minutes of floating and extreme relaxation will actually feel like a few hours of sleep to your body. The natural calming effect of floating and magnesium absorption will also help you sleep better when you are at home!

3) A state of relaxation

Even one float can create a relaxation response by naturally suppressing the response of the sympathetic nervous system, leading to decreased muscle tension, blood pressure and stress hormones while releasing endorphins.

4) Faster Recovery

Sensory deprivation tanks have well-researched evidence pointing towards increased performance in athletes after doing a float after strenuous activity. One study shows athletes experienced faster recovery and a reduction in blood lactate after using Float Therapy.

5) Relieves Chronic Pain

Several studies have confirmed that sensory deprivation tanks have a therapeutic effect on chronic pain. It has been shown to be effective in treating chronic headaches, muscle tension, muscle soreness and joint pain. 

6) Increases magnesium absorption

Magnesium is trans-dermally absorbed through the skin due to natural molecular diffusion. Most new americans are deficient in this essential mineral, as our float tank has a high concentration of Epsom salts (magnesium sulphate) dissolved into the water floaters are up-taking magnesium as they float!

Book in a Float with Soma Novo this Winter!

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