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Welcome to Soma Novo Bodywork, one of Maine’s Newest and Top rated Massage & Spa destinations. Serving the Greater Bangor and Brewer area, Soma Novo is fully staffed with Certified Massage Therapists who have a passion for #selfcare within the community.

Our goal is to provide a relaxing atmosphere while delivering a wide range of wellness services to help clients live a healthy, stress free lifestyle. We have a variety of massage services to choose from, a wonderful and relaxing foot soak room for up to 6 people and a state-of-the-art flotation therapy pod.

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How Flotation Therapy Can Boost Benefits From Chiropractic Treatment

How Flotation Therapy Can Boost Benefits from Chiropractic Treatment

Flotation therapy can have extremely beneficial effects on your muscles and joints, and it pairs even more successfully with ongoing chiropractic treatment. Many people find that they get better physical results by combining these two treatment modalities. Both flotation therapy and chiropractic care can help release muscle spasms and leave your body feeling strong and rejuvenated.

Combining Flotation and Chiropractic Care

One of the main reasons that flotation pairs so well with chiropractic care is that both treatments aim to improve blood circulation to your muscles. When a chiropractor massages your muscles, the goal is to relieve cramps and spasms and get fresh blood flowing to the area. Relaxation therapy is excellent for improving blood circulation to the muscles and joints and can help sweep away toxins that were released from muscles during a chiropractic session.

Another reason that flotation and chiropractic care pair so well together is that flotation removes many of the physical stresses that result in the need for chiropractic care. When lying in a flotation tank, you are essentially weightless, experiencing as little gravity as if you were an astronaut, or a cork on the ocean. Your body floats gently as pressure is removed from it. Floating between chiropractic sessions can help to keep your muscles loose and your body pain free. In this way, flotation can also act as a preventative treatment, keeping you from needing as much or as intensive chiropractic care.

Flotation therapy is a great accompanying treatment to chiropractic care because the muscles it targets for relaxation are those most often treated by the chiropractor – your neck and your back. When lying in a flotation tank, your back and neck muscles are encouraged to relax completely so that they do not hold any tension. These muscles don’t need to do all the work of supporting your body when you are in a flotation tank, so they become less stiff and rigid. Chiropractors may recommend flotation therapy for this very reason.

Flotation therapy has been shown to be helpful for those who suffer from chronic pain, individuals who are likely to also receive chiropractic care. For those with arthritis or fibromyalgia, flotation therapy can provide kinds of relief that chiropractic care alone cannot. Flotation can reduce pain throughout the body and can leave the muscles looser and more receptive to manual treatment.

Consider combining flotation therapy and chiropractic care today. Consult with your doctor to see if they think this option might be right for you. There are no dangers to flotation therapy and whether or not you find it benefits your body and supplements your chiropractic care, it will at the very least help to relieve some of your stress.

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